Today, twelve people died because they dared to satirize. Twelve people were killed because they had the audacity to publish their thoughts. Today, the freedom to express opinion was gunned down in an office in Paris by three masked men in the name of Allah.

My heart hurts for the loved ones of those murdered. My heart hurts for a world gone mad ….

I do not know of a God who would condone murder.

But I see a shred of hope — there are people around the world rallying to support the French. There are thousands gathering with signs “Not afraid.”


And, ironically, instead of shutting down a newspaper, the assassins have turned the employees of Charlie Hebdo, and the police officers trying to protect them, into heroes of free speech.

The people of the world are rallying to protest this latest atrocity. The people of the world stand with Paris. The people of the world stand with the brave French who were not afraid. The world is chanting …


I cry for the world’s loss… while I raise my hands to heaven…

Je suis Charlie.


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