Kittens Always Make You Feel Better



You know when you’re just feeling a bit down what helps? KITTENS …. or puppies. Puppies are oodles of fun, too, but I have kittens on the mind as two kittens are being transported to my house on Saturday for a meet and greet. They are rescue kittens so while they meet my need for other beings in the house, I can meet some of their needs (like food, shelter and a lot of love). My niece is quite concerned that I will turn into a crazy cat lady — you know, being taken out by the po-po followed by hundreds of cats? She doesn’t want to see me on the news. I had to promise her I would stop at two – oh she of little faith. Crazy cat lady indeed……..


2 thoughts on “Kittens Always Make You Feel Better

  1. Kiki

    I’m allergic. But I love the homeless and addicts 🙂 it comforts me to see them get their life back – or at least survive 🙂 But maybe some day a hairless cat.


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