Rest in Peace, Robin



I have loved Robin Williams since he first beamed onto our TV screen in Mork and Mindy. I loved him in his movies; I loved him in his stand up; and I loved him as he raised millions of dollars for a great charity via Comic Relief. And tonight it absolutely breaks my heart that this generous, brilliant, comic has fallen to the ravages of depression and chemical dependency.

I have known sadness, deep, profound sadness, but I have never known the kind of sadness that this man, and so many others, have suffered. Depression is a horrible, often invisible, disease – and can you imagine what kind of special hell it must be if you have an incredible talent for making others laugh. of bringing joy to millions, yet the only way you think you can find relief from your own pain is suicide?

Rest in peace, Robin Williams. Dear Lord, please let him rest in peace. I just fervently wish he could have found peace through some other tactic than suicide – because there are other solutions. The stigmas that seem to surround mental health issues must be eradicated so we can help our brothers and sisters suffering … too often in silence… and too often with heartbreaking consequences.


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