Widow Wine Tasting


Started the day with Carlos Santana so I thought I would finish with a bang and wind down with a little wine tasting. And by “wine tasting” I don’t mean, “Pour a glass, and sip.” I actually subscribed to one of the new services that alleges they can build a wine profile for you and then ship you, as a club member, a case of wine that is certain to delight.

Gosh I’m an easy sell. Marketeers must adore me. Catch my eye with a shiny new toy, like a home wine tasting kit, and I’m all in!

So, I took the initial quiz a few weeks ago and after some hijinks with the UPS delivery (as in, they won’t leave a box of booze on your front porch so you have to make arrangements to pick it up but they don’t read their own web site … whew … guess my frustration with UPS isn’t quite over) I finally received the delivery. This initial delivery is the second step in the profile-building. The excitement was mounting!

The beautifully laid out box came with six small bottles (50 ml) of wine – two white and four red. It’s been a long week at work so I thought I would set up the wine tasting for tonight. Now I have been to vineyards from Sonoma to the Finger Lakes and I do love the grape. A lot. On occasion too much, if I’m being totally honest. Thus the thought of doing a tasting in my own home was something I was really looking forward to.

I am a good little rule follower so, per the instructions in the box, I signed into the company’s web site and watched the video on how to do a tasting. Lacking a house sommelier, the video and web site were my guides. I thought it made some good points and the info would be helpful for this challenge. The video finished and I set up the six wine glasses and prepared to be dazzled.

The web site continued to provide instructions as to which wines to taste side by side and then rate. First the whites. A Sauvignon Blanc from Napa versus a Chardonnay from Sonoma. I was rooting for the Chardonnay but the Sauvignon Blanc (Mythmaker 2013) was the clear winner. Wasn’t even a close contest. I tossed the Chardonnay out speedy quick. As a woman of Irish descent, tossing alcohol out goes against my very core but the Chardonnay really wasn’t very good at all. To me, that is. And as my mother always said, if you cannot say something nice, say nothing at all. I’m heeding her words by not naming the Chardonnay vintner.

On to the reds … oh boy. I love red wine. Especially blends. A lovely Sangiovese and Cab blend is my personal favorite. No Sangiovese in this lot — a pinot noir and two cabs from California and a Bordeaux. Almost spat, yes, I said “spat” … I almost spat the Californians out. “Almost” being the operative word. But no more than a tiny taste for each. Even the smell wasn’t good. The Bordeaux was the best of the lot but still not great.

Man oh man. Epic fail on the wine tasting. Hate it when that happens.
At least at a vineyard you’re not stuck washing out six wine glasses.

Stonestreet Winery, Cali Feb 2014


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