Alone Again (Naturally)


I just returned from my annual trip to the beaches of Maine. I love Maine. And I love the week spent there (just about) every year. The beach house is always filled with music and voices…. And the sound of the ocean. What is it about the sound of the ocean that creates such a sense of peace? True, deep, profound peace. The best sleep is beach sleep. The rhythm of the waves lulls me right to sleep.

But that blissful rest is interrupted by my return home. It’s so quiet here. No ocean. No husband. No kid. No cat. Even my temporary roommate has moved on. Which brings me to my old friend, Gilbert O’Sullivan.

His song, “Alone Again (Naturally)” was always one of my favorites. Even as a kid, this song struck a chord deep in my heart. It is such a sad song that it can easily move me to tears. Am I the only one who remembers it?

I cannot get it out of my mind. I get it, Gilbert. I get it.

** Important note — I wrote this late last night and then watched a gazillion interviews with Mr. O’Sullivan on You Tube. Despite urban myths, the song was not based on his personal experiences but on his understanding of the feeling of loneliness. This is what I understand and “get” – that feeling of loneliness – like Mr. O’Sullivan, I am not heading to a nearby tower!


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