Memorial Day


It’s hard to believe it’s been over three months since I last blogged. I was travelling then I was in the hospital then my daughter had a concussion and came home early from college (to recover) and well, let’s just say the first half of 2014 has not been my fave. One thing after another.

But, it’s Memorial Day. This most solemn day is a perspective-gaining opportunity. I know what loss feels like but I don’t know what it feels like to lose a loved one to a military operation. I cannot begin to understand the horror of opening your front door and knowing the soldiers standing on the other side are about to tell you the worst news ever. The ultimate sacrifice … I cannot imagine how these families deal with the news that their worst fears have been realized. I doubt that the accolades for the bravery of their lost loved ones is enough to fill the gaping holes in their hearts. I doubt that the flags placed on the headstones make up for the empty chairs at their tables. I doubt that the parades and the medals and the 21-gun salutes are nearly enough compensation for their loss.

I doubt as I do not know.

But I do know that while I am a pacifist and regularly articulate my anti-war sentiments, I am still very much aware that the brave men and women of our armed forces make it possible to retain the freedom that allows me to hold these views. I know that every day these soldiers and sailors and pilots get up and face risks that I will never know … and they do this because they love their country and their families and they are duty-bound to protect both. And their families? God bless their families.

Memorial Day … let us remember… let us give thanks…

Memorial-Day-Quote- Harry Truman


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